Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter and other things

This is my back yard.

I am deep into the minutiae of the EIR painting project and the details of painting 140 odd pila and an equal number of gladii are best left aside I'm sure. The basing of the Romans continues apace, but again there is potentially an aspect of tedium to this so I will not share it until as a final result.

In other news, I have sold all my WW2 coffee table books and picked up a variety of dosh, including this smashing book.

I also purchased 2 starter boxes of Hell Dorado miniatures, the Lost and the Immortals, only to discover that barring the intervention of a white knight the company is closing shop in June of 2009. The French miniature scene continues to perplex and madden in equal measure. First Ilyad breaks up in a messy divorce, then Rackham commits a disordered seppaku, and now Hell Dorado crashes and burns in mid stride. I mean, what is going on over there? And who are these ever anonymous sculptors, the true and only strength of the French wargames miniature world? Can we arrange for work visas for them? Permanent residency? And of equal importance, can someone sensible please get the moulds of these much lamented miniatures?