Monday, July 25, 2011

Back in the saddle again


So, after a long hiatus due to overwheming work and other things I am ready to start playing again. My main focus will be getting back into Warmahordes. My plan is to play multiple factions on an ongoing alternate continuous basis in the following manner. To do this properly I'll need to play 2-3 games a week. That cannot happen for the foreseeable future but I expect it to be at least possible by sometime early next year.

Khador - Harkevich (caster ordered - army is painted except for Harkevich and Black Ivan)

Menoth - nSeverius (caster and army almost painted)

Cygnar - nHaley and/or possibly Seige (a fair bit of work left to paint this army...I'll probably continue to borrow Jason's nHaley army for the foreseeable future)

Cryx - nDeneghra (have only to paint Deneghra - the army is fully painted though some elective rebasing and recolouring continues)

Retribution - Rahn (this caster almost painted along with a large Retribution force to accompany him...I have to model Discordia)

Skorne - nMorghul (painted, as is army - I may look at eMorghul here if do not need to buy much to go along with him)

Legion - nThagrosh and eThagrosh (both painted, as is army)

My goal is to become good enough at WM/H to at least vigorously compete at a major tournament next year. By playing this many casters I hope to learn their factions (my education in Circle and Trolls will no doubt continue apace from Ken and Jason). It would be nice if Ken were to do the Harbinger as I need to practice against her. As well, I would really like to learn how to play my Khador well against a Saeryn Angelius list, and I need to better learn how to play eThagrosh against pretty well everything. Finally, it would be a fine thing if Mark decided to play eSkarre (hint, hint, hint).

I don't want to buy much more in terms of miniatures at this point in is tight, but unfortunately I think I absolutely have to pick up at least one Ravagore, along with a Scythean and a blister of Stingers. As well, Anyssa Ryvaal is a must have so that I can finally decide upon whether the Raptors are to be, or not to be. The reason I am concentrating on Legion is because it's the only faction I have where I can play two versions that I like of the same caster with anything approaching familiarity and comfort. That said, I might even look at playing Lylyth in the same light, though that could just be other peoples' meta talking at me from the warp.

Otherwise, I intend to paint a 15mm French HYW army for Impetus...I have the figures, but no camp yet. I also am definately going to complete my High Elven force for Impetus Fantasy. I hope to play this game on a larger table size than 4x4 as the miniatures are 28mm.

I've got the rules for Gruntz. If I get into it, which is not impossible to imagine, I'm going to cheap out more than a little on 15mm figures, and whatever tanks and walkers I decide upon.

Infinity and Dark Age are both on my list as well. Both games are entering the hallowed and familiar phase of the release of new editions. Infinity's has yet to be released, I think - I have a starter Pan-O force for that - and the new Dark Age rulebook has just been released this month for $20...a very acute loss leader indeed. I have a 50 point Dragryi force for that game. I played a demonstration game at GenCon 2010. Dark Age is a game that is an awful lot of fun to play.

To be clear, Warmahordes is my number one priority with Imptetus 15mm coming in a strong second. I'll fill in on everything else as opportunity presents.

Game on,