Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The strangeness of this world is beyond all belief

Colonel Russell Williams, Canadian Air Force, sitting to the left of General Rick Hillier, Chief of Defence Staff (Retired), during the latter's book signing tour late last year.

What a picture.

It's attributed to the DND by the Globe and Mail.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Painting Update - Napoleonics and Legion of Everblight

Right, this is only an update, but I thought I'd post as I have at least one example of model preparation and also a view of where the 102 Napoleonic French are.

So, here are the French. As you can see they are coming along. The red on the Grenadiers' epaulettes, etc. is too strong. I shall have to lightly drybrush it, probably with Blood Angels Red or maybe an orange, and then wash with a blue...maybe with a Reaper Blue Liner. This kind of thing defeats the purpose of my wash method, but its my fault for failing to acquire or make a red wash that could do a satifactory job of it. In front are some Legion of Everblight figures I've stared to break things up a bit. Those are Blighted Legionaires. Excellent miniatures.

Here is the modelling tip. These are the mounts for the Blighted Raptors, an Everblight light cavalry unit. These are ungulates, sans antlers at this point, but the point is that there were gaps I had to fill with green stuff. I just used an exacto blade to mimic the tufts of hair. It was a fun bit of work. I'm not even sure if there was a problem with the minis as such. I probably could have filed them into a better fit, but I'd rather just fill gaps afterwards than spend a lot of time trying to mate the halves beforehand.

These are the Legion Warmongers, ogres gone bad, if you like. I firmly consider these to be the top fantasy sculpts at God's scale of the year they were released by Privateer Press. Fantastic. I also have a Warmonger Warchief here (though he missed the snapshot). Basically, I've just brushed GW Tinbitz over a black basecoat on all of the mail and plate on these. As you can see, I still have to ensure the mail is fully painted in black inside the chainmail. I've been using PP armorwash so far but may need to go with the gesso watered down again. The Warmongers' flesh is meant to be/will be painted a light greyish blue. I'll get to that later. I seem to always paint outside in, when I should be going inside out, i.e. paint the flesh first with everything else to follow. As well, this picture shows me again that I have somehow acquired a camera that cannot do the very thing it is made for. The world is full of shoddy goods, I expect. As a public service, let me recommend that readers avoid like the plague the Canon PowerShot A1100IS. Buying it was a notable waste of my money.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Has Prime Mark II enthralled a new recruit for Warmachine?

It's every geek's fondest dream, and far, far too early to tell, but I was amazed to find my oldest son, Porrick, at all of 4 years of age, poring over Prime Mark II in the family room this morning.

When I tried to speak to Porrick, he displayed that 1,000 yard stare that I have come to know so well since Toruk first ensnared me in the hobby. He has since decided that he will play Kay-dor and, not only that, but he will play the prince of Kay-dor (i.e. Vlad). Now he loves red above all colours, so this is a matter of little surprise to me, but the "upside down triangle", as he called it, was very much to his taste as well.

I had to defer an immediate game, but I expect baby steps will follow soon. I know that 4 is the age that many athletes and musicians start their endeavours...why not Warmachine as well?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exciting News from Gripping Beast

I don't usually post product release news from companies in the hobby, but for the Beastie Boys I will make an exception. Gripping Beast is my favorite figure manufacturer and, frankly, I have the majority of their figures up to and including the Teutonic knights. Unfortunately, price is becoming a factor for me now, given the economic times, two young boys, and the middle-aged angst that I find afflicting me these days. So to hear that GB is going into plastics is refreshing. I mean, I have many of the plastic figure offerings from Victrix and the Perry brothers. If you have a Victrix French grenadier or a Perry voltigeur in hand, there could be no argument about quality. Plastic at 28mm is capable of exquisite detailing. So good stuff from GB. I can't wait to see the releases.

The Vikings Are Coming!

Emerging from the sea-mist are the first fruits of our endevours in an exciting new area.......... 28mm Plastic Figures!

Naturally enough our first box will be Viking Hirdmen. On the left is one of the resin 'three-ups' that Darren couldn't resist painting. Nice.

Next issue we will have more details of the box and its contents plus plenty of pictures. We will also be letting you know how you can pre-order these ferocious Norsemen through a preferential newsletter special deal which will include a special limited edition metal figure.

If you can't wait, pop along to see us at the Vapnartak show at York Racecourse this Sunday (7th Feb) where we will have some of the resins on display.