Saturday, February 6, 2010

Has Prime Mark II enthralled a new recruit for Warmachine?

It's every geek's fondest dream, and far, far too early to tell, but I was amazed to find my oldest son, Porrick, at all of 4 years of age, poring over Prime Mark II in the family room this morning.

When I tried to speak to Porrick, he displayed that 1,000 yard stare that I have come to know so well since Toruk first ensnared me in the hobby. He has since decided that he will play Kay-dor and, not only that, but he will play the prince of Kay-dor (i.e. Vlad). Now he loves red above all colours, so this is a matter of little surprise to me, but the "upside down triangle", as he called it, was very much to his taste as well.

I had to defer an immediate game, but I expect baby steps will follow soon. I know that 4 is the age that many athletes and musicians start their endeavours...why not Warmachine as well?


fireymonkeyboy said...

Fantastic! Another recruit for the empire. And oh, my god, has he grown ;)

jmilesr said...

My son's 14 and plays 40k - he got me into the hobby! It's a lot of fun to have another wargamer in the house - good luck with the new recruit