Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Glorious Painting Update

Well, I've more or less finished the Winterguard. I didn't realize until after I'd finished that I have an extra Sergeant and an extra Rocketeer. Well, that's how it goes, I guess. I'm fairly happy with these, but I must say that unless you have painted Warmachine miniatures, it's difficult to imagine how tedious some of them can be to get through. These Winterguard are a case in point, whereas the MOW Kovnik below is a joy to paint. Anyways, I started highlighting miniatures when I began painting my Late Romans in 2001, but with these Winterguard I just don't have the patience to highlight them given the work involved in just blocking everything out. I like these miniatures, don't get me wrong, but it's not like lovemaking to paint them...not at all. There's little joy in it.

My newest project, the High Elves. These are from the WHFB 4th edition box. I've had them since late June, 1996. 12 years later and I'm painting them. Oi vey! But I'm really enjoying it, I like the 4th edition High Elf range, exceedingly. Actually, GW haven't made a decent spearelf or archer figure since. It's been all poncey dancing fools with bad hair, and I just don't get the joke. But that's because I read the 4th edition High Elf Army Book I suppose.

These were primed black. Tin Bitz was then overbrushed on the armor, followed by a drybrush of boltgun metal. Then a coat of Tri Art Yellow Oxide on the cloth, and a coat of GW Foundation Mechrite Red on the spear and leather hauberk. Then PP Skorne Red over the Mechrite Red, and Reaper's Linen White on the cloth.

That's how far I've got to the present.

There are a couple of metal spearelfs in the ones I have worked on shown in the picture below. I painted them in 1997, and IIRC I used mithril silver on a white base coat. So I'm going to be trying a few washes on them.


JET (aka Jason) said...

I just added a comment to your previous post asking to see these... and here they are!

I love the classic high elf models, more than the current range in many ways. It was pictures of these models that made me first aspire to paint an army. Actually, when I called GW mail order back in 1998, I asked for the High Elf starter army but they were out of stock, so I ordered wood elves instead.

Last point. I notice you still base your red with pink first. Don't you own Foundation paints now?


Keir said...

Yes JET, I have now switched to Mechrite Red. Keir