Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry

Here are 2 units of auxiliary cavalry, one of 8 (Gripping Beast) and one of 10 (Newline Designs). These look a lot better than the pictures would show them - albeit they are no more than a decent tabletop standard - but my photography is suddenly execrable. It's the light, I know, but time is short. I had these finished a while ago, but then decided to paint and flock up the GW modular hill and then had to fix up a variety of other terrain pieces I might use with them, and then life intervened.

First the Gripping Beast. The shields with cast javelins are from the Essex Dacian range I believe. Very nice.

These are the Newline Designs cavalry. I like these a lot, and a lot more than I thought I would. I have many Newline Designs figures in ye olde pile of lead, including a couple of armies (Ancient Indian and New Kingdom Egyptians) along with bags of the new Dark Ages ranges.

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JET (aka Jason) said...

Well it's about time! I've checked every day for an update. The models look good, especially the new line ones.