Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gaming Progress

Von Moltke the Elder said that no plan will survive first contact with the enemy. And so it was. After initially playing 2 or 3 games with Menoth lists (nSeverius and Vindictus), and making the usual renewbie mistakes that have to be expected with a return after long absence to Warmahordes, I decided to play on the more familiar ground of my nThagrosh Legion list.

Successes, albeit successes still riddled with inexcusable errors, have followed with victories in my last three games, one against a 35 point Rhyas list, and two others against the High Reclaimer at 35 and 50 points.

My 35 point list is essentially as follows:

Warmonger War Chief

My 50 point list grows from that. I added a Carnivean and a Shepherd for the game and thought I had 50 points. Actually it turned out I had 43 points, as I had dropped one Shredder (which brings up the topic, for another time, about playing with point differentials). Let's just say that I get mathematically challenged when tired and rushing through the set up phase.

Anyways, to bring it up to 50 points I will either add a Nephilim Protector or 4 more Legionaires and 2 more Warmongers. All of these miniatures are on the painting table and only the 2 extra Warmongers are in any danger of not being completed this week. I will post pictures in the next few days.

Other thoughts occur to me. The Forsaken remains a profoundly psychological wargaming piece. It attracts significant enemy attention - i.e. focus and fury - and, because of that, it does not often get an effective Blight Shroud attack. Against the High Reclaimer Ashes to Ashes is the death of it. I did keep it back a bit in the Rhyas game and it removed a Raptor with boosted attack and damage rolls, so that is a consideration. But I could have done so much more if I had played it closer to the warbeast/lock scrum in that contest. Otherwise, while 2 Shredders are often said to be better than one, with nThaggie I wonder.

The other gaming I have been doing involves introducing a friendissima to Hordes. This has involved 4 battlebox games, with her playing Lylyth (which I have now painted for her) and associates, and my playing the Morghoul box. A rewarding experience it has been. It is amazing how much one can learn, or confirm, teaching the game to another, and I have grown very keen to play Morghoul again after, maybe, 4-5 years on my various shelves. Of course, I have lost every game, and that is as it should be.

In the last game I wanted to Trample into the Carnivean with my Gladiator as a Shredder was in the way, but my friend entreated me to advise her what to do, having picked up a gleam of wickedness in my eyes I suppose. I had to tell her to move one of her other Shredders into a position in front of the Carnivean that resulted in ending my proposed Trample short of the Carni. We did go through the whys and wherefores of it all, so the next time I shall show no mercy, though no doubt I'll still lose.

I highly recommend teaching the game. People often say that those that can not do, teach, but I think teaching helps with doing. Or something like that.


Von said...

The one caveat I would give about teaching new players is that, after a while and if not interspersed with other play, it can skew your sense of how the game works, and your estimation of your own capabilities. I find it hard to take off my teacher hat and regularly break etiquette at tournaments by advising people around me. I also have a few issues with thinking I'm better than I am because I've been winning more games than usual, what with playing people with months' experience to my six years.

Keir said...

Hey, Thanks for the comment. I have had some interesting experiences while teaching as well. One evening, while teaching, I got a little confused about hows cover works. You know, given that a wrecked jack marker provides a 4+ cover save, it just seemed to me, while teaching, that an intact heavy jack that a warrior model is behind would also provide a 4+ cover save. I couldn't find any rule on this in Primal MK II, so I reneged from that view. Later, I confirmed what my hurried rules review had suggested...that this is all treated purely (by inference in the rules) as a LOS issue.

So I'm going down these flights of fancy while trying to teach the rules, and realizing - again and again - that teaching stuff properly is pretty hard to do. Or as you would put it, that I was skewed.

On the whole, though, it has been positive and I hope to do more of it.