Monday, September 1, 2008

GenCon 2008 Highlights

Well, just got back, so to speak, from GenCon 2008. There's a lot of independent material on the web about this convention, and about every part of it for that matter. All I did was war game, and I had very few opportunities to take pictures. These are the pictures that I thought worthwhile to share:

This is a game of Warmachine/Hordes using the Tour of Duty format. It's very similar to the old GW Carnage scenario, and in some ways is more fun than Carnage just due to the rich variety of rules associated with Warmachine and the smaller number of models, which gives space to move about and try a few things. I am playing Vlad, Joe W. ("Minidragon" on the PP forums) is playing Sorscha, Joe's friend is playing Mortenebra and my buddy Ken is playing a Trollblood army provided by Joe. Great fun, and a nice table provided by PP. Many thanks to the umpire, "Polar Bear" on the PP forums.

This is another view of Minidragon's army. I actually thought his Khador army was the nicest one I saw at GenCon.

This are three of Minidragon's infantry. The bareheaded Sergeant is an excellent conversion.

This is Minidragon's army on view before the HardCore tournament. I think the Manhunter's head is a superior conversion.

This is Minidragon's Kovnik Joe. Brilliant job. And note the converted Mechanik in the background. Small details like this make all the difference.

This Skorne Titan is excellent. The guy who owned him played with a Skorne sashimono faithfully attached to his back throughout his games.

The Skorne player also showed me his Carvivean for his forthcoming Legion army. Sweet.

Another view of the Carvivean.

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