Thursday, September 4, 2008

Most excellent Privateer Press gaming tables

Tour of Duty tables from GenCon 2007. Lots of great ideas here. The centerpieces are related to the scenario, so they do not have to be included on every table, but they are great...erm...centerpieces? One was used for the Nationals final that year, the one with the raised decking with a wooden crane assembly.


Marc said...

I gotta' say, I'm not sure I'm a fan of those tables. They seem rather lifeless to me. I particularly don't like that they all seem to have one centrepiece and a 'ring' of terrain around them.

Some of the individual pieces are pretty good though.

Keir said...

Hi Marc, The thing is that as a wargamer I've played on lots of tables that, charitably, can only be called mediocre, or barely adequate. You know what I mean. These had clear themes from the world of Immoren, the mats were spray painted really effectively and the large features themselves managed to work despite being designed as spectacular centerpieces. I just thought "Win!" And I still do.