Saturday, July 18, 2009

Painting Workbench Update

This is one of my occasional painting updates. The number of projects I have on the go is probably unrealistic by most people's standards but I have no deadlines, and pretty well paint what I like.

The first item is a group of 5 Warmachine Khador MOW Shocktroopers. These paint up like a dream and will be done shortly.

Second up is the Warmachine Mercenary Unit, Lady Aiyana and Master Holt. The picture is poor, and the level of painting so far is not much better. It will be improved upon.

Third is a medley of the Khador Koldun Lord, an Avatar of Menoth, a couple of the new Perry Miniatures plastic Napoleonic French that I am picking away at, and three Imperial Roman officers from Warlord Games and the Wargames Foundry. Yes, that is a Cryx Mechanithrall.

Fourth is a collection of excellent Bob Olley ogre and troll sculpts I am painting up. The four smaller ones in front are sculpts Mr. Olley did for Reaper Miniatures. The two larger ones in the rear were purchased by me from Olley's Armies before Mr. Olley decided to close it and sell his sculpts. The masters of these two were purchased in a subsequent auction by an Italian gentleman named Francesco Accordi.

Fifth is a unit of Wargames Foundry Roman cataphract cavalry. I had eight of these for a number of years which I used in my late Roman army. Now they will, as increased, serve in my Early Imperial Roman army. As well, I took a couple of the tops of them in a pose where they thrust from overhead with their kontos and added them to a couple of Gripping Beast lower halves. Those figures will see service in the Roman war elephants.

Here are the crew for the elephants as noted above, along with 4 new Gripping Beast Roman cavalry command figures to join a unit of 8 that I painted a few months ago.

This is my next Roman legion. These are all Gripping Beast figures.

These last three pictures are just some eye candy that I found. They show the brand new Victrix Miniatures plastic 28mm Napoleonic Scottish foot. Are they not the absolute dog's bollocks? They are certainly on my shopping list for Christmas.

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