Monday, June 21, 2010

Gaming weekend photographs

So here are a few more photographs, rescued from the waters of forgetfulness by Stu.

In the first two shots I am playing against Mark's Coven. Both pictures are taken at the high point of my game, say after my turn two. I have destroyed one of Mark's boneturkies with my Great Bears (isn't his Deathjack delovely?) and I have used the Spriggan's flares, followed by 3 Bombard shots and my Widowmakers doing their worst to kill over half of Mark's Satyxis Raiders, causing them to fail a morale check. It all went downhill from here for me, but I was happy for a moment, and what is life, after all, but the possibility of being happy for a moment or two?

Now this shot is the only one surviving from my Sorscha v. Kreugar game. First, let me say that I initially played Ken's Kreugar list using nVlad and that he assassinated me on turn two using a combination of a slam by a WarpWolf into one of my jacks, knocking Vlad down, followed by spell and shooting attacks to turn him into a crispy prince. It was a thing of beauty.

In the game against Sorscha Ken got a turn two attack in on me using his Lord of the Feast, which he warped into base contact with Sorscha using the Stones on the hill to the left. However, he then whiffed his rolls with the Lord of the Feast, so I breathed a sigh of relief, and then I in turn spent all of Sorscha's activation/focus the next turn whiffing my rolls before I finally killed the shagging thing. Finally, Ken tried another assassination run, which failed, leaving Kreugar open to Sorscha's Icy Gaze and a number of bombard shots, not to mention a charge from a Spriggan.

The next game was my nButcher versus Ken's nKreugar again. In the first photograph, we are reaching the point in time where someone must do something. I had already learned by this time that two handed throws, while not particularly damaging, were most inconvenient, and that Warpwolves could hardly fail with them, even against Strength 12 Khador Jacks. And yet, they do find it hard to get up close and personal.

This picture shows me trying to figure out what the hell to do next. I may even be going through the alphabet in my mind. Otherwise, black is very slimming, and I will wear it as often as possible if there is even the slightest chance that someone will attempt to photograph me.

I like this photograph (thanks Stu) as it shows me getting my Behemoth into combat. I did thereafter kill the Alpha with a couple of Armored Piercing attacks, but it has to be said that the best thing I could have done, which I did not, would have been to pick up the shagging Alpha wolf and throw it at Kreugar. Ah well, I am reminded of what Scottie MaCarthy used to say, that "If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, it would be Christmas all year round."


toyguy said...

All these great blogs. They should be all in one spot.

Keir said...

Yes, well Jason's ("Geektactica") certainly must rank high in the mini wargames blogosphere. But thanks.