Monday, June 21, 2010

GenCon bound

As I've said above (and below) I'm off to GenCon this year. I travelled into St. John's a couple of weekends ago to play some games and finetune my Hardcore list (and my lists for the two other tournaments I am signed up for).

So my main and Hardcore caster is nButcher. My alternate is nSorscha. I played 5 games during the weekend, all at 50 points, starting with two with nButcher against, respectively, nNemo (win) and the Coven (loss). I then played three games against nKreugar, first with nVlad (loss), then nSorchsa (win), then nButcher (win). These last three games gave Ken (who is also going to GenCon) a chance to take a serious look at Kreugar.

I registered a total fail on the camera front, forgetting to bring my card for my Olympus C2100, then borrowing my mother's camera which resulted in a series of 29 photographs that looked like they were taken on the dark side of the moon. I have had to improvise. The pictures of the game versus Nemo are courtesy of Jason and many thanks for them, buddy.

In my initial two games against Nemo and the Coven I experimented with the Kossites. That experiment is now over. I think they would be alright fine with nVlad or the Old Witch and, of course, Yuri. With the Butcher they were probably more of a distraction for me than they were for my opponents. They can't hit the broad side of a barn door. They are good against low defence solos which, I suppose, will mean that opponents will place those kinds of models in the center of their deployment zones, which could be a good thing.

Here is my glorious advance against the old man, erm, Nemo.

Here are the Kossites after moving on my second turn. They killed the Cygnar chief mechaic bloke but not the GMCA. In a moment of hilarity that followed, Jason finished off the lass with a Chain Lightning directed at the Kossites. He won't do that again. I'm not sure if I was in command of all of these looking at the photograph now. I thought I measured it on the day, but 7" is no great thing.

My advance up the center continues. The Greatbears were much reduced at this point, despite Iron Flesh and the hill. They did destroy the Lancer however, a serious setback for Nemo. Jason's newly painted Ruins of Osgiliath, seen in the center of the table here, were very fine.

Here is the endgame. Nemo had crept up to within an inch of the Ruins. I advanced the Butcher and actually used blast damage from Obliteration plus blast damage from a Bombard shot to finish him off.

Here is my Hardcore army.

Great Bears
Drakhun with Dismount

For other 50 point tournaments that require a second caster I will drop the Drakhun's dismount and use Sorscha and the Manhunter you see here.

Finally, I have three shots of of my Citadel modular gaming hill for Jason. As can be seen the hill did warp/came warped in one configuration (the Madonna bosomic variation). However, there are no such problems with the Battle of Hastings version.

I am not completely happy with the flocking. I think more of a mixture of the different flocks should have been attempted in places. As well, I think I may have overbrushed the outcrops a little too hard. That said I can probably rediscover definition there with a wash or two.


Iron Twitch said...

How are you dropping the dismount? I thought that the only way that you could play the dragoon's in Mk2 was with the discount.

Keir said...

Hey, yes, you are right with most Dragoons, Fenris, Gravus, Laddermore, etc., but the Drakhun still gives the option of with or without dismount, for 5 or 4 points, respectively. It's a tougher choice than you'd think, because the dismount has another 8 wounds for 18 in all. Some people think that with the dismount - when you count the possibility of lost damage on the mounted variant - that the Drak really comes in at the equivalent of 20 or so wounds.