Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Wire - the best television I've seen in years

We can all agree on just how desperate most television is. Hell, I'm going back to radio. There are very few shows that I'll even drop the paintbrush for - the fourth quarter of the Superbowl is the only time I did so in recent history - and then there is the issue of trying to faithfully watch a television show in the hurly-burly of it all. Over the past year I read several articles on The Guardian Online about just how good HBO's "The Wire" is, so when I recently came into some pin money I picked up the complete 5 season set, that's right, sixty 60 minute epidodes of a show I'd never seen before for, shipping in, about CAN$150.00, or the price of three shitty movies at the theatre with sig other. I watched the first two episodes last night and, well, just Wow! Brilliant, gritty and delicious writing, great acting, splendid camera work, just a breathless, amazing beginning. Life is short. I have no more time to waste on crap, however well intentioned. This was not a waste of my time. Five stars.

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