Saturday, February 7, 2009

Workbench Update

Right, first the Roman cavalry, two units, the top eight are the Gripping Beast lads, the bottom 10 - when I purchased them from Sean - were Newline Designs EIR cavalry. Sean has since somehow transferred these, with most of the rest of his ancient ranges, to SHQ. (EDIT: I've heard since I first wrote this that it is a license agreement of some kind.) For different reasons I really like both of these references. Obviously, the painting of these miniatures is nowhere near finished.

These are the horses for the Newline Designs Roman cavalry. The harnesses with pendant straps fastened by metal discs (phalerae), and the decorative fringed chest band, or peytral, are seen on various Roman tombstones of cavalry troopers from the period. I'm no expert on saddles from the time. Peter Connolly has posited a construction of leather stretched over a wood frame in the shape of four horns, which you can see the front two of sculpted into the GB troopers above. The basing of these is coming along. The wash of dark umber has been applied. Next comes Citadel Shadow Grey on the rocks, then a dry brush of bone over the entire base, and then flocking.

The Gripping Beast horses. I like these, but I'm not sure they were meant to come with the troopers that Darren gave me at Britcon 2003 (Thanks again!). What's important for me about these are the new techniques in painting the horse hair that I'm trying for the first time.

Thank God the postman always rings twice. I am a Calpe Prussian man through and through, but I just had to get these.

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