Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Feature-Book Reviews

I've decided to start a new feature on my blog, namely, book reviews. All books that I review will be related in some manner to the hobby. I'm going to start with Peter Heather's The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians, a book my father gave me for Christmas this year. The review will be finished some time in the next week.

As far as my painting is going, I have been feverishly working on Roman cavalry and on my basing for both the cavalry and my infantry. I will post pictures of the cavalry in the next few days.

Next up, I am selling my collection of limited edition (a number of which are OOP) JJ Fedorowicz folio books respecting WW2 on eBay at the following link:


I was just gobsmacked when I saw this latest release from Helldorado. People are saying the face of the Naga is a bit featureless, but I think the art of the piece is far superior to anything I've seen in the hobby for many a blue moon.

By the way, the English rules for this game are at this link:


Finally, I picked up the Impetus rules and the first supplement, courtesy of a fellow from Phillie who had a hankering to read up on Jochen Peiper.

That's all for a few days.

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fireymonkeyboy said...

If only it was possible to get a copy of the game in english. Oh, right, the manufacturers aren't going to release it in English, because they fear the . . . God-fearing.

Go figure.