Monday, May 11, 2009

Greenstuff for the War Elephants and Markov's Mount

I applied greenstuff to the elephants tonight, mainly to make the trunks' join with the heads look natural. I used my exacto blade to put folds on the greenstuff to mimic the texture of the hide. This process took very little time, as I kept dipping the exacto blade in water which made the business of working the putty easy.

The Indian Elephant Stomping had some issues with gaps about its head-body join (and some very small areas of pitting on its underside) that I also fixed up. In fairness to Empire Models, I could have made the joint of the head and body true but I didn't want to work the resin as it is a foul and poisonous substance until painted, when it assumes the mantle of beauty.

There was a gap on the nether portion of the horse of Kovnik Markov that I also filled with greenstuff tonight. Again, the work of a minute.


polarnorth said...

it 's really amazing mancraft,best l'v got seen,I definitely love them.

Keir said...

Why, thank you.