Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gripping Beast EIR Auxiliary archers

I finished this unit of 17 archers tonight. They have to be given a spray of Testors Dullcote, but they're done. I really enjoyed painting them. The poses are very lifelike, and the faces are suitably foreign for auxiliaries; that is to say, two of them (kneeling and walking) are Hunnic or Alanic looking, and the other two poses, loosing and drawing, are taller fellows with big boned faces, typical Germans one might think. I suppose I might be making all of this up, but it's the kind of thoughts you have when you spend hours painting the little shaggers. The bases turned out nicely as well.

I think I'll complete a backlog of Khador models next, including Beast-09, Epic Irusk, Yuri, the Great Bears of Gallowswood and Kovnik Markov. I have been painting them in bits on a fairly continuous basis, and it's time to get them finished.

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JET (aka Jason) said...

Looking swell! We're soon going to need a progress shot of all the completed Romans so far.