Saturday, May 16, 2009

Warmachine Khador Beast-09

So I thought I had finished this the other day, and had even gone so far as to post it here as a finished model, Yet, in truth, I had misgivings. So I asked my friend Ken to look at a picture of the miniature and tell me what his thoughts were on the matter. He duly responded as follows:


He looks good. If I were to take that model a little further, I'd highlight the greens and reds just at the top and the edges. I'd use a "Brassie" metallic for various studs spikes and that script around his neck. The pipe grate would be brass as well. I'd also do something with the head...maybe paint it red or something, just the head spike remaining metallic."

So here he is, post-Kenolyptic:

This one is a picture that shows Beast-09 just coming down into the forest from the snow covered heights.


JET (aka Jason) said...

That Ken gives good advice. Maybe I should pay attention to what he is saying once in a while :)

Looks great - JET

Keir said...


The picture is unforgiving but I'll fix the flaws and I'm fairly happy with the jack now.