Thursday, January 14, 2010

Newest Army-Painted Thagrosh horde

My newest project, a 35 point Everblight force, led by Thagrosh the Prophet. I acquired the Everblight models in a trade with JET (see Geektactica blog) a couple of years ago. They had a variety of painting on them, with base colours blocked out on the Carnivean, and washes and drybrushing on the lights and the Seraph. I have painted all models to some extent, but my greatest efforts have been reserved for the heavies. All the bases are my work, as is the Gatorman Posse.

My favorite Everblight monsta is the Carnivean. I am seriously considering building one more and adding Typhon, a Harrier, a Forsaken and two Shepherds for a 35 point Absylonia list for GenCon. More of this later.


fireymonkeyboy said...

You sneaky git! You're a machine. Loving hte skin on th gatormen - did you use reference photos?

Keir said...

Thanks markus. I think I saw another painting job I liked somewhere on the interweb. I just used washes over a black basecoat that had been highlighted by drybrushing with white.