Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newest Project - Impetus Fantasy - High Elves

So, in May of 1996 I saw the WFB 4th edition box in a store at the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. That's what started all of this madness and it was the High Elves (which I didn't know at the time were all Jes Goodwin sculpts) that really grabbed me. It's 14 years later now, and those Elves are finally going to make it onto the table with my first Impetus Fantasy army. There will be other miniatures...I've had years to pick and choose. This first miniature, for example, is a GameZone Miniatures High Elven Lord. He will, in due course, be surrounded by his guard, like King Harold at Hastings. The style of this sculpt is very derivative of Mr. Goodwin's.

This is another heavy infantry base, like the king's above, 12 cm frontage and 6 cm deep. Here he is, a Jes Goodwin-sculpted hero. A great miniature, timeless really. His command of Elven spear will be added from the containers below shortly.

High Elven artillery, the rightly dreaded bolt-throwers of WFB. These are on a 12cm x 6cm base.

The cavalry, 5 of the Goodwin-sculpted Siver Helms in wedge formation on a 12cm x 8 cm base. I had to cut these off the GW cavalry bases they had been glued onto for years.

Here are the basic troops, loads of Elven spear and bow from the 4th edition box of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. If these miniatures are ever going to be improved upon by GW, it can only happen now, starting with the new range for 8th edition and the contents of the Island of Blood baxed set. Everything in between has been the makings of a sad panda, all dancing fools and smiling ponys.

Most of the miniatures above (excepting the Gamezone Lord) were sculpted and in production by 1993. It just goes to show that just because something is new doesn't mean it is better, though it has to be said that this is just my opinion.


CounterFett said...

I'm with you, those guys look great. Though I will admit, the only thing I was doing even remotely back that far was Heroquest and Battlemasters

Keir said...

That was more than I did. I just bought the miniatures, and then, over a couple of years, started painting them. I didn't start playing until 2000.

fireymonkeyboy said...

The IoB minis are fantastic - seen them now in the flesh, both on sprue and assembled - some of the most dynamic and detailed plastics I've ever come across. The Seaguard are probably my faves, though the griffon is growing on me.

Keir said...

Yes, the Griffon is superb by the looks of it. I was searching for one of the old (I mean marauder Miniatures old) Eltharion on Griffon boxes when I saw it, and that was that...I'm getting this one instead.

Mounia.B said...

It's very nice,I like it :D