Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Off to GenCon with the Legion of Everblight

Well, I've been painting like a maniac since the last post here, and I've not done too badly. First off, I simply finished my Warmongers, Raptors, Warmonger Warchief, Shepherds and a Forsaken. Then I built and painted a second Carnivean. Then I built and painted a third Carnivean. Then I built and painted Thagrosh the Messiah. I probably am not going to finish Absylonia, which is a shame, but I have to get up in 6 hours to fly to Indianapolis, so that's that I guess. Anyways, here are the pictures taken this afternoon in the backyard as I applied the Testors Dullcote to these fine fellows:

My GenCon shopping list is pretty small this year. The only must-have for me is Wyrd Miniature's new Nightmare and Lord Chompy Bits duo. I am also going to look at Cipher Studios releases for Hell Dorado, but mainly at the Augustinius Raimond figure for now. I'll be spending a bit of time at Cool Mini or Not and will probably pick up a couple of Enigma figures...well Dark Vlad for sure if they have it, and possibly Xargax before Loratham. Cool Mini or Not also has a giant eagle resin figure I want a closer look at...I can't tell from the picture what the rider looks like.

I'll be heading over to the Reaper booth as well. They are really a fine bunch over there, I must say, and I'll be looking to pick up a new Klocke Priestess sculpt called Tierdeleira.

Thunderbolt Mountain will be at GenCon (Yea!!!) and so I'll pop over to meet Tom Meier and John Kellner, and pick up a pack of Byzantine spearmen if they have them. I also am very interested in trying to get some news on where they are going with upcoming production. Such fine miniatures, just glorious!

I'll pop by the WarStore as well to say hi to Neal and his colleagues. I don't know what I'll be interested in picking up there but that's part of the fun of GenCon.

Last but not least, the Privateer Press booth. I'm signed up for three Warmachine/Hordes tournaments, so I won't have much time to buy swag. What I'd really like to do there this year is amble on over to watch Ron Kruzie and their other painters at work.


CounterFett said...

Good luck in the tournament, make sure you take lots of pics of the new and interesting minis for those of us who do not get to go!

Quixotic said...

Lookin' good! have a great time, and try to find some time to let the rest of us how things are going at GENCON. Good luck in those tournaments!

Keir said...

Thanks CounterFett,

I will take a couple of hundred photos, no worries.


Keir said...

Thanks Quixotic,

I'll do my best to log in but I'm not tweeting yet and I may not be tech-savy enough to do the GenCon live thing yet.