Sunday, August 15, 2010

Postscript GenCon + New miniature projects

There were a few things I forgot to say about GenCon, mainly because I had no pictures.

Fisrt, a big thanks to Matt Dipietro of Privateer Press for showing me and Ken his two-brush blending technique and some other tricks and techniques I filed away.

Second, it was very nice to talk to Ron Kruzie of Privateer Press about the fact that my four year old boy plays his painting video regularly (which is a little remarkable, though he just defeated me in a inter-faction Khador game about five minutes ago) and whether or not another video will be forthcoming in that series.

Third, Ken and me both played the Ex Illis demo. It was very nice. This company is Canadian (from Quebec) which is pretty inspiring.

Now for the pictures:

Here are my Dark Age Dragyri Ice Caste heavies. I picked up the Soul Warden from Cool Mini or Not at GenCon. I already had Lucky Kai (the biggest monster) and the Ice Elemental. I just built Lucky Kai and the Soul Warden. Absylonia is there for scale.

Here are the Dragyri slaves. Got these at GenCon. All in I have a 502 point army. And I just downloaded the rules and all of the factions for free. Thanks Dark Age.

Here are three more GenCon purchases. On the left is Tierdeleira, a Werner Klocke Dark Elf sculpt for Reaper. The other two are Enigma releases cast by Cool Mini or Not. Wonderful. These will all be unit leaders for my Impetus Fantasy army.

Finally, my Weird Old West warband. I picked up the Ronin blister from Wyrd Miniatures at GenCon. I had Rasputina and both Victorias already, pre-Malifaux, actually. The first Victoria is going to be an almighty christer to model the two swords on to. Anyways, we'll see.

As to my GenCon shopping list I got Wyrd Miniature's new Nightmare and Lord Chompy Bits duo. I didn't buy Cool Mini or Not's giant eagle resin figure. I regret that. Exceedingly.

I also went to the Thunderbolt Mountain booth, met Tom Meier and John Kellner, both charming fellows, and picked up a pack of 20 of their exquisite Byzantine spearmen. In terms of news on where they are going with upcoming production, Mr. Meier told me to expect a release of platoons with support elements of 1/48th scale WW2 US paratroopers and SS sometime in the relatively near future. In his words, most of the sculpting is done, it's just a matter of getting the production details finished.

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