Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Painting for Khador - Harlan Versh and his Trusty Rocketeer

Here is the Illuminated One and his trusty sidekick. I just finished these tonight. Harlan Versh is going to be my go-to merc solo for a good while, and I'm going to play a Winterguard army for the next year or so.

Front view:

Rear View:


JET (aka Jason) said...

Looks like Jonah Hex. Nice painting.

Keir said...

Thanks. My camera lets no flaw hide from the light. I am not happy with Harlan's face - there's too much paint on it - and I think I need to get back to the wash techniques I first started with my Tyranids in 2005 and then continued with the Christmas Skorne and most recently used last year with the Thunderbolt Mountain elves. I'm not unhappy with these, and I really like the GW Foundation paints and the painting projects I've done with them, but the wash technique is really more my own.

Archimedes the Dog said...

His face is tough to get at, too, and the detail is very very fine. I think he looks good, here.

Keir said...

Thanks Archimedes, I appreciate your comment.