Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Massive Attack

I suppose every wargamer worth his salt has to do a battle of the titans at some point or other. My group did our first such game in March, 2002. 12,000 points in all, 6,000 points of Tyranids attacking length ways down a 12' long by 6' wide table against entrenched elements of Space Marines from a number of Chapters, i.e. from the collections of at least 4 members of the group. I have - I hope with fair cunning - attempted to hide from you the fact many of the miniatures were unpainted or only partially painted, because I don't want to ruin what I can assure was a dramatic spectacle which I shall be fortunate to ever see repeated again. The scenario is one of the great games of 40K that GW devised, where Tyranid troop units that are destroyed get replenished and can join the battle deploying from the sides of the tables. (The other great 40K scenario in my opinion was Carnage).

Anyways, as Chris E. would singsong to us all, "To War! To War!"

The Marines have the ridge line. They have to prevent the Tyranid Horde from getting into the city behind them. Intercepted radio transmission from the time: "They have a Barbed Hierodule." Let me assure you that the Marines melted away like smoke in the wind from its shooting.

The Marines await their doom. This is Chris E.'s rather high-priced Devastator squad with Commander, which came in at about 732 points (I'm sorta joking) but they looked sweet. My kit-bashed Whirlwind is next to them...LOS for arcing artillery, when will GW learn?

The view down the Marine's right flank. You will note the unit of Genestealers towards which 2 Death Companies of Blood Angels are eagerly rushing. Interesting idea that; and you know what people usually mean when they use the word "interesting"?

I love the drama of this picture. What can outfox Scout Snipers? A Lictor, perhaps?

Ummm, dinner. This is what happens when one rushes 2 Death Companies of Blood Angels towards Genestealers in this scenario.

I love this photograph. A Marine runs away, leaving his Commander to face the Genestealers.

I love this photograph too. A Genestealer, having dispatched a Dreadnought, runs towards the city leaving the Space Marine Commander to reflect upon the price of failure.

This is the end, my only friend, the end. The last stand of the Marines. The city taken, the slain being rendered down into the planetary gruel the Hive Fleet nourishes itself upon, the vampiric Emperor of Mankind getting a little of his own back.

With acknowledgments and thanks to Tim M., without whom this game would not have been possible, and for taking and cropping the pictures.


General Jigger said...

Looks like it was a great game, too bad I missed it.

Keir said...

Yes, Darren and I played the Hive Fleet's forces and Chris, Tim, and a young fellow named Jeremy were on for the Marines. There were a couple of other fellows there as well, but it was a long time ago and details are a little scantier then I would prefer.

The rest of the photos Tim took are stored in the Files section of the Yahoo St. John's Gaming Group...the Files Section, not the Photos section.

It certainly was a marvelous game.


JET (aka Jason) said...

There's nothing like the spectacle of a large game. I'm suddenly feeling like making enough terrain to cover a 12x6 table... oh wait... it's passed.