Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mirliton Adventures

During my honeymoon in 2004 I ended up in the little storefront of Mirliton in the little town of Tavarnuzze, just outside of Firenze. These are some of the things I saw there.

William Wallace and friends

More of William Wallace's friends. He had lot's of friends. Just ask Mel.

More kniggetts
Northern wars...beautiful vignette
Another view of the Rus
Caroccio at 15mm scale
Teutonics at 15mm - I purchased these. I could not help myself.
Caroccio at 25mm scale.- I picked this up too. I was helpless.
Another view of the Caroccio vignette
Another view of the Caroccio vignette. The box comes with only 4 of the oxen so you should pick up another pair from Mirliton.
Scotland Forever - The Scots Greys at Waterloo. Wow!

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