Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Painting Den

This is where I spend a few hours every week. As can be seen, at present I am painting just over 200 GB and Foundry EIR foot figures. I prime by hand in black gesso. I am using Privateer Press Fleshtones. They are the best I've seen. I'm impressed with the GW Foundation paints and have been using them to paint almost everything (though particularly Khador) over the past year. I also picked up the new washes from the WarStore stand at GenCon this year and they are on the table because they are about to be applied on some white-primed Landsknect pluderhosen. I still have yet to find better metallics than the old Citadel paints from the 90's. You might also see a bottle of Reaper Master Series Clear Red on the table. That's a trick to make reds pop. I learned it at a seminar with Marike Reimer at GenCon 2007. I generally use a wide variety of paints but I have very little time and so I have to wholly focus on techniques that save time.

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