Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Mighty Eldar

I started collecting Ulthwe Eldar, my second army, in 1996. Over the years that followed I acquired a huge collection that included everything in the range except jetbikes and vibrocannon. I was musing about how I would paint this on DakkaDakka back in early 2002 and a fellow named Neil Dutton from Toronto offered to do it for a reasonable fee. Well, after a little thought I accepted and over the next 18 months he painted just about everything.

I was very busy with my job at the time, the work was reasonable tabletop quality at a minimum (Neil is an artist and he didn't put too much paint on the miniatures), the price point was good, and I was painting other miniatures anyways so it was a win situation from that perspective. What I didn't then realize was the identity issues I would have with miniatures I didn't paint. Coupled with a disenchantment with 40K due to a combination of misgivings over the rules and disgust over GW pricing in 2004-6, it was inevitable that I rid myself of these I suppose. In the event, I sold my entire Eldar collection to a fellow in California in 2007.

So thanks for the memories to Games Workshop but, again, I am without regrets. The moral of this story is that while you can covet any miniature of beauty, to truly love it you have to paint it yourself.

I will be posting more Eldar over the next few days.

With acknowledgments and thanks to Stu G. for the pictures of the Wraithlord and the Wave Serpent.

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