Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Dilettante's Painting Update

A quick update before I turn in. First, I have finished highlighting the cloaks on my Gripping Beast 28mm EIR Praetorian Guard. The first picture gives a view of what I am facing in the months ahead. ;-)

This picture shows a lengthwise view. There are 40 of these models, and they will be finished in 2 units of 24. The other 8 models will be added from command figures, either GB or Foundry. I like my paint scheme. It's black primer, with the old Citadel Colour Deadly Nightshade on that, and highlights of the Derivan Ensign Blue. I may just do a last highlight on the most prominent folds of the robes.

These are the Thunderbolt Mountain High Elven archers. As can be seen I highlighted the black with a rigourous drybrush of white. I used Delta Cermcoate White for this...I have for years. It's a good paint for this task. Don't ask me why. Anyways, I then began to apply washes. On the armour you will see a wash of Delta Ceramcoate Midnight Blue. This is a great paint, one of my favorites. It didn't work as well on the helms. but there is no definition on them as the sculpts are so perfectly smooth. Just look at the detail! It's incredible. For the outside of the cloaks I used an old Citadel wash called Ork Flesh Wash. It's one of the best washes GW ever produced and, sadly, long OOP.

More Tom Meier goodness.

Yet more Tom Meier goodness.

Finally, some further work on the HYW French horses. I have great hopes for this project but it is my first venture into 15mm, and so we will see.

All the best.


Marc said...

Holy productivity man! Keep it up.

JET (aka Jason) said...

Where to start... The Praetorians look awesome. I love the blue. The contents of your painting table would make a lesser man run screaming, and I admire your ability to forge on. Finally, those horses excite me... I can't wait to start mine. Probably another month for me.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Keir, master of the mass paint. All hail Keir!