Saturday, January 3, 2009

Update on Painting Projects

It's been a reasonable day. Between making a snow fort and watching a couple of NFL WildCard games I did a few things.

First off I primed Beast 09. I hand prime using artists' gesso. I find I don't lose any detail and I can't take the toulene from the spray primers.

Next off I highlighted the cloaks of about 20 of my Gripping Beast EIR Praetorians. I used a Derivan Ensign Blue (I was experimenting). Looks okay.

Next, a new project I've been working on. These are Thunderbolt Mountain High Elven archers sculpted by Tom Meier. These sculpts are incredible. It's funny, they are so fine that it's difficult to paint them without losing the detail. Even with the artists' gesso I heavily diluted it. What I tnink I am going to do is lightly drybrush these with white and then use washes. We'll see.

Finally, I started a 15mm French HYW army for Impetus today. I'm actually using Mirliton Geman Medieval Knights (ca. 1236 A.D.) to start the cavalry. I have a couple of problems. First, some of the miniatures aren't great fits for French knights of 1-2 centuries later. Second, I am unfortunately without any good references on the heraldry of the French. If anyone reads this (?) and knows of free web resources please advise. Here is what I did tonight. I used a white artists' gesso and then used a variety of GW Foundation paints (1 coat, whatever the colour).

And these.


JET (aka Jason) said...

It all looks so good. For obvious reasons, I'm more excited about those French horses.


Keir said...

Thanks JET. I'm poring through my books today looking for heraldric devices of the HYW French.

pollekanon1 said...

This Danish site has some good early HYW heraldry.

Keir said...

Thanks for the tip.

Keir said...

OMG, what a great site. It's perfect. Thanks again, a lot!