Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking at the Rubicon (or the Jewell River)

First, the Praetorians, i.e. my Rubicon. All figures are Gripping Beast for these two units of 24. Here are the 40 of the Praetorian grunts. Their commanders are now being started (see below). All I can say is that there has been a fair bit of work done to get them going. For example, the sandals and toes were painted and washed. Each figure's lorica segmenta and cingulum were washed with Privateer Press ("PP") Armor Wash. The flesh was painted up with PP Idrian Flesh, highlighted with PP Khardic Flesh, and washed with PP Flesh Wash. The tunics were touched up (except on some of the right arms). The cheek guards of the helmets still have flesh paint on them. From now on I am painting the flesh first on my minis but these have to be cleaned up. The scabbards are painted red (Derivan Rourke's Drift Red again). Regardless, these are starting to look the part.

The command figures. There are a couple of extra leader types, so I guess as elite units the two units of 24 will have an optio in each along with the Centurion. Or I could just get another 2 Praetorians from the boys at Gripping Beast.

These are Praetorian shields. I have the spindle boss on each primed black. It will be painted before I put the LBMS transfers on the shields.
The LBMS transfers.

The Elves continue. This is my Jewell River if you get the allusion. The bows have been painted with Reaper Master Series Creamy Ivory, the faces with PP Idrian Flesh.
My German knights are now mounted and hand-primed (in that order).

I wish I had more to report. It's been a fair bit of drudgery though I have enjoyed listening to podcasts whilst doing this painting.

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