Sunday, January 11, 2009

Painting Update

First, a small "d" disaster. So, I'm shaking a bottle of Derivan Rourke's Drift Red - what a red! more about that below - and my eyes are closed, and I feel something wet hit my right eyelid, so I open my eyes, and GAAK!, red everywhere, all over the wall, my posters, me, the table, Romans, Elves...all I can say is that it is a very, very nice red.

This is Derivan Rourke's Drift Red as a wash on the inside of the cloaks of one of the three available Thunderbolt Mountain High Elven archer poses. I'm also using a few other paints on these, GW Foundation Khemri Stone on the pants, Reaper Red Brick on the boots, Lifecolour French BlueGray on the tunic, and GW Foundation Iyanden Darksun on the helmet decorations and cuirasses.

GW Foundation Iyanden Darksun on the helmet decorations and on the cuirasses. You can see that I have used a wash on the cuirasses (Privateer Press Armor Wash) and on the one in front I lightly drybrushed some Coat D'Arms Bone. All the rest of these will recieve the same treatment.

Views from behind. All my Elves are blondes! I painted the hair by applying oop Citadel Flesh Wash to the white highlights on the hair.

Georg von Holbein with a wash of Derivan Rourke's Drift Red on the cloth barding and cloak, and a wash of Privateer Press Armour Wash on his armour and on the armour from the saddle forward. Don't ask.

The cloth barding on 10 Silver Helm horses below received their final wash of Delta Ceramcoat Midnight Blue. I am going to highlight the barding and freehand paint different heraldric devices on each horse.

Front and rear view of my Warmachine Khador heavy warjack "Beast 09" after drybrushing GW Tinbitz on all the metal parts. This was the work of 5 minutes, but I also spent a little while repriming all the spots you inevitably miss on a large figure like this, so 10 minutes in all. The drybrush of Citadel Boltgun Metal is next.

That's all I managed. Basically, I found myself drawn into spending most of my painting time on the Tom Meier High Elves. They are exquisite sculpts, and a delight to paint so long as you ensure you go 1/2 and 1/2 paint/water with everything. To do that successfully, you need paints that are going to lay down some pigment at that kind of mix. There are paints that I tried on these and then bailed out on. I won't bother listing them. What I can absolutely say is that I've never painted the like of these miniatures, and I just have to get some of his High Elven spear and some of his new Byzantine spearmen.



JET (aka Jason) said...

the productivity level is shaming and inspiring. I love the paintjob on those elves.


A Thousand Hats said...


I'm stunned by the sheer volume you're moving through - and they all look great too.

I'm liking the colour schemes you have going on the various archer units.

Great work.

Keir said...

Thanks. I'm going through a pretty good phase right now. And I'm switching into a red-blue motif, which I have wanted to do for the past year or so.